Server Growth

By [Owner] Itaxurkill a - Posted Sep 9, 18

We'd like to take the time, to thank everyone for sticking around. 

We've changed a few things, and we're becoming more stable. Our playerbase has grown, quite rapidly; we hope that this continues as we move forward

So what're we planning next?

Right now we're figuring out some events, this includes holiday events.

We're also working on a new spawn, and more gyms. This will take a while though, but. It is in the near future. 

We'd also like to thank everyone for the support, without it. We deffinately wouldn't of made it this far.

We've already given away a Magma rank in our discord channel. And we will continue to host giveaways like this going forward. 

Don't forget to leave your suggestions, we're always trying to improve.

Congratulations to the 2 new players that joined the staffing team a few weeks ago.



Thanks again!


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