More updates!

By [Owner] Itaxurkill a - Posted Jul 9, 18

We've been hard at work trying to make things better and more stable. 

I'm currently aware of lag, and I'm actively working on this, to try smoothen things out. Please be patient while I find the cause.

We've then added a new crate, changed minor things in others, and added the new items into the crates from Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.2 Update. 

The donation store has also evolved; We've added a discount when upgrading your current ranks, this is still being balanced however. We're constantly looking and adding more features, to make things better, and more fun, not just inside of pixelmon, but minigames aswell. I hope you'll all stick around and watch us evolve, and become something great.

I'd also like to thank you all again for the continous support we've recieved. From all of you! we're growing at a steady rate now, and it's great to see. We hope this will continue, and we'll always try our best to improve!

Congrats to the 2 new people that've joined the staffing team!




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