By [Owner] Itaxurkill a - Posted Jun 9, 18

I'm sure the majority of you already know. We recently updated the server, to a new and better host.

We then changed our IP, to a new and more suitable one, We'd like to continue to ask for your support looking into the future, keep referring people. There's alot that's changed since we first released, and things will continue to change. We will eventually be looking into our very own custom plugins and etc. So keep that in mind. We have events planned aswell, though this will be announced in discord, when we feel the time is right, and we have enough active players to carry it out at the time. 

The server has only just started, we're now a month old! We look forward to being here for much much longer, and you guys get to see that happen aswell. The community is still as great as ever, we've had a few dealings but that's standard. 

Remember to stick with us and keep up the suggestions, we're always looking for things we can improve. You can find all the relevant information in my post below.

As always, good luck and have fun out there!


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