Here goes nothing.

1a- What's your IGN?

1b- What's your discord name?

2- How old are you?
I'm 19.

3- How in-depth is your knowledge of pixelmon?
Pretty good, i know my stuff on some of the less used mechanics like iv breeding.
If there's something i don't know, i know how to search for it quickly.
I also used to play a lot on an OG Pixelmon server.
I am also somewhat familiar with the more technical side of mods in general.

4- Players are arguing with one another, it seems like there's one player instigating the matter, what do you do?
That's really case dependent. In a generic case, i would first try to (somehow) calm the players down, then i would gather as much information as possible, (the involved players, the uninvolved players, chat logs, anything that can help). I would then take appropriate action. Finally, i would warn the players involved to refrain from doing that again or at most, to take it somewhere private.

5- How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules?
Again, that's quite case dependent. I would start with just a warning in chat, telling them to stop. I would then proceed to take proper action (usually mute + official warning). If they keep being stubborn i would escalate the action at the most i could do, or escalate to "the higher ups" if that turns out to be beyond me.

6- What do you bring/offer to the community?
The fairly consistent presence of a person with patience, willingness to help and the occasional comedy.

7- How many hours per week do you normally play?
Far more than i would like to admit Depends on some external factors, but i usually go for more than 40 hours. I would do more, but i got school in the way. Which thankfully is almost over.

8- What timezone do you live in and at what times are you normally on?
I live in Italy so I'm on CET. (pretty sure that's the same time zone as the server).
As for my usual play times, i typically play from around 3-4 pm (depends on day of week) to about 10:45 pm. (Any later and i would end up like a zombie the day after at school).
On Sundays, things are far less consistent. I either go out or play all afternoon and evening.
If I'm not sleeping I'm also available on Discord.

9- Is there anything else you'd like to say?
I would like to thank you for creating and maintaining this server!
It's nice to have such a nice community available at all times.

P.S. :Wenna pushed me to apply.