[Owner] NawwDidums a posted Jan 25, 19

As most of you already know, due to being in our discord and various other methods of keeping in contact.

The server is back up and running, with alot of new features. This includes questing!

I'm still adding, tweaking and doing other various things towards the new features, and would like to ask for your patience. So far I've released 2 side quests, and 9 main quests. I will be finishing quests ASAP, however I can't focus soley on quests as I still have other things to work on aswell. Be patient, we'll get there sooner or later!

Meanwhile I'd like to thank you all for returning, and helping to make this server a success!


Hi everybody, a while ago I made an announcement for a soft world reset due on New years day.

I'm going to be following through with this so make sure your inventory is sorted and ready to go for next week. The server will be going down until then, theres a few factors that contribute to this decision some being the following.

Some of you know that me and BLU3VEN0M have a baby on the way and we are currently preparing and moving forward to our own home and decorating it. This is very time consuming and hasn't left me much time to continue work in the server.

Another note is that my pc is cuƕrently out of action, theres a graphical issue and the whole unit needs to be replaced, as you can imagine this is very costly and I need time to fix it, new year is the deadline, and it will be done by then, right now I have nothing to continue configuring the server on, my pc was the only one powerful enough to work efficiently.

We are going to look at a more stable host as well, the host we currently have aren't bad but theres definitely things that could be better, all of this will be looked at while the server is offline. We have a lot to do and all of them will be done for newyears

So until the new year we'll see you soon and I hope that we will get the community back to the way it was when I can continue with the server. When the server is up and running well have a brand new map with all of your unique player data with a new spawn and a better gym system. I will be doing what I can in the meantime to get things ready for launch day. I'd like to thank you all for the continued support we've had and continue to get.

Many thanks, hope you all have a good Christmas and we'll see you on New years day!

We hope you understand


Server Growth

[Owner] NawwDidums a posted Sep 9, 18

We'd like to take the time, to thank everyone for sticking around. 

We've changed a few things, and we're becoming more stable. Our playerbase has grown, quite rapidly; we hope that this continues as we move forward

So what're we planning next?

Right now we're figuring out some events, this includes holiday events.

We're also working on a new spawn, and more gyms. This will take a while though, but. It is in the near future. 

We'd also like to thank everyone for the support, without it. We deffinately wouldn't of made it this far.

We've already given away a Magma rank in our discord channel. And we will continue to host giveaways like this going forward. 

Don't forget to leave your suggestions, we're always trying to improve.

Congratulations to the 2 new players that joined the staffing team a few weeks ago.



Thanks again!


More updates!

[Owner] NawwDidums a posted Jul 9, 18

We've been hard at work trying to make things better and more stable. 

I'm currently aware of lag, and I'm actively working on this, to try smoothen things out. Please be patient while I find the cause.

We've then added a new crate, changed minor things in others, and added the new items into the crates from Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.2 Update. 

The donation store has also evolved; We've added a discount when upgrading your current ranks, this is still being balanced however. We're constantly looking and adding more features, to make things better, and more fun, not just inside of pixelmon, but minigames aswell. I hope you'll all stick around and watch us evolve, and become something great.

I'd also like to thank you all again for the continous support we've recieved. From all of you! we're growing at a steady rate now, and it's great to see. We hope this will continue, and we'll always try our best to improve!

Congrats to the 2 new people that've joined the staffing team!





[Owner] NawwDidums a posted Jun 9, 18

I'm sure the majority of you already know. We recently updated the server, to a new and better host.

We then changed our IP, to a new and more suitable one, We'd like to continue to ask for your support looking into the future, keep referring people. There's alot that's changed since we first released, and things will continue to change. We will eventually be looking into our very own custom plugins and etc. So keep that in mind. We have events planned aswell, though this will be announced in discord, when we feel the time is right, and we have enough active players to carry it out at the time. 

The server has only just started, we're now a month old! We look forward to being here for much much longer, and you guys get to see that happen aswell. The community is still as great as ever, we've had a few dealings but that's standard. 

Remember to stick with us and keep up the suggestions, we're always looking for things we can improve. You can find all the relevant information in my post below.

As always, good luck and have fun out there!


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